The Transafrica has 2 different routes. The Livingstone Trail goes from Dar es Salaam to Cape Town in 4 weeks. And the CairotoCape goes from Cairo to Cape Town in over 6 weeks. From Arusha on, both routes follow the same route.

The costs per participant are provisionally budgeted for a group of 30 participating teams (2 persons with 1 car) and with the current pricing in the market.

* Livingstone Trail: 7950 euros

* CairotoCape: 9550 euros

The final travel sum will be determined in spring 2021, after exploring the route and after the final travel programme has been determined.

The budget includes:

* the complete itinerary

* the overnight stays based on double rooms

* breakfast and dinner on travel days

* the transport of the car to Alexandria or Dar es Salaam

* the return transport of the car from Cape Town to Antwerp

* the flight from Amsterdam to Alexandria or Dar es Salaam

* the return flight from Cape Town to Amsterdam

* preparation and organisation

* the tour guide and the route book

* technical and medical assistance

The cost of excursions, insurances, customs documents, carnet de passage, permits, visas, tolls and fuel are not included.

Payment must be made in 4 instalments. The first instalment is the registration fee and is 1000 euros per person. The registration fee is non-refundable, unless there are medical reasons.